TFE: The Equitation Bootcamp Program

What is it?

The Equitation Bootcamp Program is the best way to kick-start the best habits for your equitation. Have problems pinching your knees? It fixes that. Feeling weak in your core, leading to bad posture? It fixes that too. TFE created this 4 day workout rotation that contains cardio exercises, a stretching routine, core strengthening exercises, upper body strengthening exercises, and leg strengthening exercises. They also include some bonus flat exercises for you to incorporate into your riding routine. This guide is 35 pages long and includes explanations and pictures for every exercise.

How did I use it?

I, personally, am an ab loving girl. If there are any exercises that you can always find me doing it’ll be those that strengthen my core. Due to bad habits from riding hunters I find myself getting sloppy in my posture, leading to rounded shoulders and lowering my hands. I find myself getting into a routine of just using the same ab exercises over and over again. Thanks to this program I’ve significantly broadened that horizon while getting a very intense workout in.

This exercise quickly changed from my worst nightmare to my favorite. All my life I’ve never been a flexible person, but thanks to the stretching routines and constantly working out this exercise got significantly easier.

When it comes to the leg strengthening and upper arm strengthening exercises I found that these were significantly easier for me. As someone who grew up playing most sports I had done many of these workouts before: hip adductions/abductions, curtsey lunges, bicep curls, tricep presses, etc. little did I know how much they would positively affect my riding abilities and overall equitation. One incredible thing about this program is how quickly you’re able to feel the results. Within 2-3 days I immediately felt stronger in the saddle, I didn’t get as tired as quickly, and even my boss saw an improvement in my riding abilities.

A big perk of this bootcamp too is that you can modify it however you’d like or need based on your schedule and your body. If it gets too easy you’re able to add more weights (i.e. 15 lb. dumbbells instead of 10 lb.) and even more reps to it. If you want a longer workout and you’re only able to do it twice a week then I would recommend combining some of the days or even mixing up workouts from other circuits to get a full body workout every time.

Other Reviews

I had my client, Gabriela Medeiros, try out the Equitation Bootcamp to give me her input as she is a regular at the gym and I felt that it could benefit her riding abilities.

“I really enjoyed how short and simple the workouts were and that I could do them at home! The chosen exercises are terrific for equitation. And there aren’t any counter productive ones. For instance Reverse Flys and Bent Over Rows really open up your chest. I’ve always been a HUGE fan of Romanian Deadlifts and I’m glad to see such a useful and effective exercise used! I admit I was weary of Courtesy Lunges. I thought they would hurt my hip/knee but they are so much better than regular lunge. I was excited to try the Ankle Flexions and Foot Evasions but honestly they made my Achilles even stiffer than normal, but that’s just my experience. In the past four weeks of doing this my core strength and cardio have improved and so has my muscle tone so I’d say those were the biggest benefits for me.”

As her trainer I can say that I’ve seen a significant difference in her riding too. Her leg used to swing and she would get tired quickly from no stirrup work. Now she’s able to work for a longer amount of time without getting winded.

A big thank you to The Fit Equestrian for sending me this program to give it a try and to review it for my audience to read. If you’re interested in trying this program you can find the link here and use my discount code ‘REILLY15’.

The Fit Equestrian: 







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